Physicist results

Who am I to tell you what type of physicist you are? Just select which ever one you want from the list below!

Theoretical physicist - congratulations, you are the second worst kind of physicist. You like abstract concepts and love puns about pi. If there was ever a pun about h-bar you would chortle yourself into a pun-induced coma. 

Astrophysicist - you're the most laid back of physicists, but for some reason you like to wear your physics, including (but obviously not limited to) nebulae neckties, black hole sundresses, cosmos themed caftans, and false colour vests. You really like to advertise your science. You adorn your walls, doors, and screens with Hubble photos, posters, postcards, post-it-notes, press on nails, etc. Seriously, no other physicists love their instruments like you love you some Hubble. 

Particle physicist - you spend a lot of time trying to convince yourself and others that you're not a theoretical physicist, and you have strong opinions (mainly on whether it's better to live in France or Switzerland). At least 5 of your last 8 sentences began with, "Well, actually..."

Atmospheric physicist - you are the most social of physicist. You're the life of the physics party! Although, that might in part be because you're really just an amateur computer programmer. 

Engineering physicist - you are not a physicist. 

Geophysicist - you would argue that you are more social than the atmospheric physicist, but you'd be wrong. Due to your semi-professional coding skills, you're more like the second life of the physics party. You're also, for some reason, the most likely of the physicists to deny climate change.

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