Atmoslayer results

You got an atmoscore of:

Use this score to determine which layer of the atmosphere you are. Or else!


(1-5) Troposphere - you are complex, dynamic, and unpredictable. However, this often makes you unsure of where your boundaries lie.

(6-10) Stratosphere - you feel like you're above it all and act as though nothing can get to you, but people can still poke holes in the ozone layer of your tough exterior. Also, NASA has some planes that can get to you.

(11-15) Mesosphere - you live your life smack-dab in the middle of it all. You are mysterious, almost to the point of being ignored by science altogether.

(16-20) Thermosphere - you are high energy and hot. But this is because you too often allow UV sunlight to break apart your molecules. 

(14-18) Ionosphere - you like to keep things current and are absolutely electric. Troubles bounce off you like radio waves, and you may also have some plasma of some sort, maybe in supersonic jet form.

(21+) Exosphere - you are near-empty inside and lack gas.