Inspirational quotes of the week


13 May 2017

"Hello, my name is Maya Angelou." -Maya Angelou


20 May 2017

"Twitters gonna twit." -Maya Angelou


27 May 2017

"They can redact my words, but they can never redact my █████." -Jane ██████


10 June 2017

"Ugh. You'll see. You'll all see!" -Dr. Spiteman, Ophthalmologist


18 June 2017

"We're going to call our restaurant Epstein-Barr and Grill." -Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


25 June 2017

"You can only call it Dijon mustard gas if you're attacking Dijon." -The Geneva Protocol


2 July 2017

"It's not the motion of the ocean, it's the stick-to-it-ousness of the seaman." -Cap'n Crunch


9 July 2017

"On one hand, I don't like the ocean. On the other seven hands, I'm an octopus." -Gregg "the octopus" Octopus


25 July 2017

"Five thousand, twenty-four thousand, six eleven minutes. How do you measure? Seriously, how do you count?” – Benny the Landlord


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