All the dirt got muddy...

If you consider y a vowel, which I sometimes do, there aren't many words in the English language that contain all vowels with all of them in alphabetical order. Here are the ones I found:

  • abstemiously - in a manner of having restraint, typically with respect to drinking alcohol. As in, "I'm not going to abstemiously not drink this entire bottle of apricot schnapps."
  • adventitiously - if you don't intrinsically know the definition of adventitiously, perhaps one day you'll stumble upon it.
  • facetiously - just (inappropriately) kidding!
  • sacrilegiously - in a manner of receiving religion from a sac.

And only abstemiously and facetiously have all 6 vowels, only 6 vowels, and all of them in alphabetical order. So... now that's something we know.