US gov dabbles in science censorship

Last week, three USGS scientists coauthored a study about how much more coastal flooding there will be in the near future due to climate change-induced sea level rise.

But according to the news release, the authors published a study about how much more coastal flooding there will be in the near future due to the nature of time going forward.

That is not a very subtle difference. But hey, maybe the governmental press releasers just didn't realize that the underlying cause of the flooding will be climate change?

Nope! The Washington Post is reporting that, when reviewing the governmental press release, the authors were asked to delete the sentence, "Global climate change drives sea-level rise, increasing the frequency of coastal flooding." You know, the whole premise of the entire study.

It's like when I wrote a review of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Harrison Ford told me I wasn't allowed to mention that they had lost the Ark, or that it was raided by raiders, or that climate change is real.

NOTE: I find it frightfully adorable (but more frightful than adorable) how the Trump administration thinks that if government departments are no longer putting out news releases with the term "climate change", and that .gov websites are no longer allowed to have "climate change" written on them, that the public will forget that climate change is real... Side note: Climate change is real.