The first rule of club foot...

You do not walk about on club foot.

Searching Web of Science shows that the medical community is still fairly interested in club feet, much more so than in Fight Club, Breakfast Club, and S Club 7 combined. Combined that would be "The Breakfast Fights Club 7". I'd see that movie: For the seventh time, five delinquent teenagers (SPOILER: who are all the same person) have a party that ain't like any other party because... Esssss Cluuub.

For some reason, according to  Web of Science , S Club 7 have made their way into published literature.

For some reason, according to Web of Science, S Club 7 have made their way into published literature.

I'm not sure I want to live in a world where science is more interested in a club foot than S Club 7. To be fair, I don't actually know what a club foot is, and I'm somewhat afraid to google it, because, well, images. Also, I refuse to google S Club 7, because, well, audio.

With blatant disregard to the first couple of rules of Fight Club, a lot of the Fight Club papers do actually discuss Fight Club--or the themes therein. But it also seems that biology really ran with the whole "movie as metaphor" angle, with article titles including:

  • Fight Club for Mice
  • Bacterial Fight Club
  • T6SS: The Bacterial "Fight Club" in the Host Gut
  • X and Y Fight Club
  • Neurobiology - Fruit Fly Fight Club

Who knew that there was so much insomnia-induced multiple personality disorder with tendencies towards antisocial behaviour in the mouse/bacteria/chromosome/fruit fly communities! 

Also, there was one paper I couldn't track down:

Kiss me, beat me, give me rabies! (Fight Club), by Robert Colville in Appalachian Journal

I have a question: WTF?? Anyone able to find/forward a copy of this article wins an Appalachian of the Month tote bag!