The End of the Ice Wage Gap


It has often been said: "In a world where fingernail clippings are currency, women would only be allowed 7.8 fingers for every 10 man fingers." Which undoubtedly would wreak havoc on the unisex glove industry (less so in the mitten world, aka Michigan).

Well, thankfully, such is no longer the case in Iceland! Icelandic companies are now legally required to pay men and women equal pay for equal work. As my uncle Jimmy would say, Attaboy, Iceladies! Since, I assume, the law will have to go both ways, I have already bought myself a one way ticket to Reykjavik and fitted myself for a man-swan dress. I'm soo getting me some of that sweet, sweet Björk pay equity!  

Also... is it possible to wreak anything other than havoc? You rarely hear of philanthropists wreaking joy and goodwill and mittens in the inner city.