Thanks for your grandiosity


More and more theses days, it seems as though things are either awesome or the greatest or amazeballs or totes lit like goat spit. Well, at long last, someone is standing up for those that are merely grand. The following is a list of things that are grand.

  • Piano
  • Parent
  • Child
  • Canyon
  • Rapids, MI
  • Old time
  • Old Party
  • Old Rollerblade Society
  • Ole Opry
  • Theft larceny
  • Deft farceny 
  • Central Station
  • master Flash
  • ma's home cooking
  • ma's Featherbed
  • father clause
  • fathered in
  • feathered in
  • y Bachman
  • dad had to sweat so you could buy
  • Am
  • Stands
  • ola bar
  • Finale