Sock it to me

With the Nixon sequel already well on its way, we thought now would be the perfect time to sock it to you using Google Ngram. What have we learned here today? Apparently, producing baby boomers (early 1940's to early 1960's) was extremely wool sock intensive, nearly exhausting the world's book's supply of wool socks altogether. This naturally allowed knee socks to flourish unchecked until well into the 80's (right when the production of Millennials began ramping up—coincidence?). We've also learned (although this should be a surprise to no one) that the business sock is, rightfully so, the least popular sock. If a business sock, a golf sock, and a knee sock were in a burning barn and I could only save one... I'd throw all the business socks I could find in the flames and giggle. I don't like socks.

A very slightly more interactive version of the chart is below.