Newfoundland is getting wine-ier

Newfoundlanders have a long-standing, rum-soaked tradition of drinking rum. The rum they tend to drink is called Screech (presumably because its inventor was also hopelessly in love with, and eternally shunned by, Lisa Turtle), and as sales of the horrid spirit have been relatively steady over the past decade, a new favourite non-beer drink has emerged—red wine! Since 2013, red wine sales in the province have surpassed rum sales, thereby toppling the great booze giant that has ruled The Rock for decades. And, if trends have continued, it looks like in 2017 Newfoundlanders and Labradors will be buying more white wine than rum as well! Good on ya, NL!

“Newfoundland and Labrador – keeping it classy since 2013!”

On the other hand, these are just statistics on how much alcohol is being bought. Who’s to say that they’re actually drinking the stuff? It is just as likely that Newfoundlanders are only buying wine so they can throw it at the people who are buying alcohol that isn’t rum. That’s probably it.

Data from Statistics Canada.