List of over 0.9 things you've been doing wrong your entire life!


If judginess is next to godliness, then you're doing it wrong. As the title of this post not only suggests, but also demands, is that you read the following list of over 0.9 things you've been doing wrong.

1. Putting on socks

How you put on your socks says a lot about you. For instance, if you put socks on your feet, you either hate yourself or you are desperately trying to convince yourself that socks are acceptable things to wear. They are not. Einstein (Albert, Dr.) was a notorious anti-socker, calling the godless garments "stench drenched fungal jackets." One other time, the famed Nobel laureate was overheard using the term "Uncle Carbuncle's gout cocoon of gout and toejam." Although, with that last one he might've just been discussing an actual uncle and not fungal jackets.

Anywho, do your life a favour and stop putting on socks. 

Editor's note: diabetic sock rhymes with anaphylactic shock. Coincidence?