I don't believe in Flat-Earthers


Much like how the trolls will chortle and chortle and/or chortle after convincing Billy G to become brunch, "Flat-Earthers" are all agiggle when science minded entities take the bait. On Wednesday, because the eclipse was getting dangerously close to no longer being talked about, IFL Science published an online thingy explaining to these "Flat-Earthers" that the Earth is not flat, that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and that Sailor Moon was sailing that moon-ship right between the two. And, of course, the comment section was all atwitter with the typical how-dumb-are-these-nincompoops? rants.

And the "Flat-Earther" trolls basked in their post goatal-brunch glory and laudded one another, exclaiming, "Huzzah! Behold what we have done!"

They convinced a smart, demi-respectable institution (e-stitution?) to waste valuable webnet space on explaining something that was well known even back in the time when ancient Greco-Roman wrestling was just called wrestling (I just call it man-squishy-fun-time). Everyone knows the Earth is round. It's just that some trolls get off on demonstrating that scientists are condescending enough to think that there are non-scientists dumb enough to think the Earth is flat.

That being said... ya, sure, there are probably one or two Uncle Jimmys out there that can't read between the troll posts and think, ya, I've also never been on a plane or read a book--why not have the Earth be flat! But that's just a gullible uncle, not a flat-Earth advocate producing web content intended to spacebait astronomers and those of us who paid attention in 3rd grade Astrophysics. Flat-Earthers do not really exist. They are trolls. What I'm saying is, I believe in trolls.