Do Germans love David Hasselhoff?

Science is surprisingly silent on the topic of whether or not Germans love David Hasselhoff (aka "the Hoff", aka Mitch Buchannon). Do Germans love David Hasselhoff? Do they love him more than Swedes or Finns? Do they love him in a boat, with a goat, on a moat, wearing a flattering red bathing suit and coat?

Are you German and do you love the Hoff?
Science needs to know!

Not only does Web of Science not know of any articles on the topic of Germans and their levels of affection for the Hoff, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY ARTICLES ON DAVID HASSELHOFF! Even Google Ngram is completely ignorant in the field David Hasselhoff (one of the sexiest fields there is—strangely it's a glen...), as indicated by the screenshot below.

That's why we here at the media bucket are conducting the extremely unscientific survey above. Vote now, vote often! Share it with your German friends.