What Halloween monster are you?


Presuming you're reading this before this year's Halloween, it's soon going to be Halloween, and you need to decide right now, not just what Halloween monster you are going to be, but what Halloween monster you are.

The following highly scientific questionnaire will help you decide once and for all...

Ugh... forget it, this was going to be the answer regardless:



You got:

Donald Trump (AKA The Orange Demagoblin)

You are the president. Now, for the love of all things Halloween, please resign. 

Which current celebrity would you have been in a past life if you were born in the future?

celeb quiz.png

Today, it seems as though there are more celebrities than there are professional rollerbladers, and it can be difficult to know which one of them is currently the past future you.

Well, not any more!

Just answer a few invasive questions, and this quiz will let you know—DEFINITIVELY—which current star is really you in a future past life!

What will be your sign *
Are you, or have you ever been, John Stamos? *
What is the best chicken name? *


(Attitudes about food)

A while back, we had a quiz where you answered some questions about your opinions towards food (mostly burritos), and your answers supposedly indicated what layer of the atmosphere is most like your personality. Sheer brilliance is what it was. What follows is an in depth analysis of your, the Media Bucketeers', responses.

The first truly shocking result is that people are most likely to have no opinion on whether a burrito is a sandwich or not. REALLY? You're on the sandwich fence? You're the Switzerland of burritos? I find that bananas!

Thankfully, 45% of the popular vote went to burritos not being a sandwich, and only 20% of you wrongfully believing that we're living in some kind of bizarro world where a burrito is the same thing as a Reuben or a BLT or a PB and more PB.

 Out of the seven options presented for most important burrito topping, a lot of you (29%) went with the earnest answer and responded with Beans. 24% of you went with Pizza, which makes me think you're not taking food-based atmospheric internet personality quizzes seriously. For shame! Attempting to skew the results towards a personality match of stratosphere, 6% of respondents went with Stratosphere. (I doubt it worked--I'm fairly certain that personality type was decided pretty much at random.)

Now, when it comes to fish tacos, there was a clear 50/50 split. With half of the Media Bucketeers either being okay with or whole-fish-heartedly up for a plate of fish tacos, and the other half either vehemently opposed to or semi-vehemently not okay with having fish tacos.

A pie chart on fish taco persuasions. Or it could be a two vertical fish tacos glued together base to base chart. 

A pie chart on fish taco persuasions. Or it could be a two vertical fish tacos glued together base to base chart. 

That's okay. As long as it's not the kind of fish taco where instead of a taco shell they use a gutted lake trout to hold all the beans and pizza and lobster and whatnot. More people should probably be against fish as taco shells than for it.    

Are you smart enough to take this quiz? I got 12 out of 7!!

So, you think you're smart enough to take this quiz? Well, I'm pretty smart, and I only got 12 out of 7.

If you were paying attention, you might have realized that the intro paragraph was pretty much the same as the title but with some superfluous details. Superfluous means the quality of having extra flu.

Touch the button icon (butticon) below to take the quiz!

Which John Lithgow Footloose character are you?

The 80's dance-classic had many great characters, and a number of them were played by John Lithgow (a number of them were also played by Yo-Yo Ma, keeping in mind that zero is a number). This quiz can, with Footlaser-like precision, hone in on exactly which John Lithgow Footloose character best represents you and your whole deal!  

Physicist quiz responses

Now that you know what variety of physicist you are, why not check out how normal you are? Here is how you quiz takers responded to the physicist quiz questions:

Most of you, but not a majority of you, are officially fancy-pantsy.

It has been confirmed: normal is as normal does not have a cat.

What's with all the muon love? Apparently, people like actual subatomic particles better than the robotic overlords of Battlestar Galactica. Good to know.

I've always said that a quantum mechanic is sexier than my auto mechanic--now I have proof!

What kind of physicist are you?

The perfect summer solstice quiz!

Have you ever wondered, if I were a physicist, what kind of physicist would I be? Well, even so, here's a quiz you can take that lets you know what kind of physicist you would be based on questions that Myers-Briggs themselves have called, "Derivative. Maybe even a third order derivative."