Fordor voted Trump of the North


And there was much rejoicing?

Hodor is a lovable oaf from Game of Thrones. Fordor is an oaf from Game of Throwing Shade and Not Having a Platform. 

Hodor leads the Stark children to the Wall. Fordor leads the Progressive Conservatives (as in, "let's not get too crazy with the progressiveness") and probably is in favour of erecting a wall along the Ontario/Mexico border.

Hodor was no fan of white walkers. Fordor says: "White walkers? Get rid of the walking bit and they sound like my kinda people!"

This should be a fun (read: terrifying) 4 years! 


Trump fires ethics

Early Thursday afternoon, President Trump decided ethics was no longer welcome inside the West Wing. Ethics, a bipartisan senior advisor of several previous administrations, entered the political arena as a toddler in 605 BCE in its home town of Ancient Greece. Since then, ethics has on occasion been forced to take "leaves of absence" for various periods of time, but has never been full-on fired. While exiting the White House, ethics was overheard discussing its relationship with Trump over the years, saying, "We never really understood one another."