Dangling bicyclists


From last week's Kitchener Post:

My last four encounters with a cyclist have included a man riding down Weber Street with no hands on a busy Saturday afternoon; a boy riding along Fountain Street — also with no hands — texting; a man texting while riding with one hand on the wrong side of King Street... 

-Mike Farwell, Kitchener Post


Mike Farwell tells it like it is. He also tells Kitcheneers about every time he's seen a handless person on a bike. And he's seen some pretty impressive handless cyclists. First, he saw a handless man biking. Okay, kinda impressive. What else you got, Farwell? Then he saw a handless boy cyclist... texting! And if you think that takes skill... pfff! Check out this next guy: sure, he may have hands while cycling, but one of those hands is texting, and the other hand—wait for it!— is on the wrong side of the road! When I'm on a bike, I'm proud of myself if I can get a hand signal off without wobbling, meanwhile this guy's low-fiving the left hand side mid snapchat! God bless Mike Farwell for keeping Kitchener informed of how many hands its cyclists have!