O say, can you be serious?


So, let me get this straight. At an NFL game, taking a knee during the national anthem in order to call attention to systemic social injustice is disrespectful to the American flag? But, during an NFL game, using American flags as sparklers to guide a parade of fictional villain soldiers (named after German WWI stormtroopers)—using the flag as a gimmick to sell movie tickets—that is respectful?

Okay. Just wanted to be sure...   

Who knew that pucks are black?

Sweden. The answer, as always, is Sweden.

Google recently released the drawings and data collected from users of their game Quick, Draw!, a game where players have 20 seconds to draw a picture of a thing. Mildly interesting alert: we used the released data to determine which countries tend to realize that hockey pucks are black. We analyzed over 181,361 (it was actually 181,363) drawings of hockey pucks from people in over 170 countries and calculated how many people in each country bothered to colour in their pucks.

Out of 177 countries, the top five are predominately Nordic countries, and the top ten are predominately Nordic and Eastern European. You know, the countries that know their hockey! So, the question remains,

WT actual F Canada??

Canada placed 44th on this list! Not only did Canada come in 44th, but only 7% of Canadians are colouring in their pucks! That is below the global average of 10%. How are Canadians so bad at colouring in their pucks? Does Canada not actually enjoy hockey? Are they just pretending they can see the puck and they were secretly happy when the Americans added those not-so-ridiculous-now puck laser streaks? Or are they just getting lazy now that they're 150? I can't even, Canada. You're better than this.

Examples of drawn hockey pucks in the Quick, Draw! data set.

Examples of drawn hockey pucks in the Quick, Draw! data set.