7 actions that were nearly considered war crimes under the Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Convention put together a bunch of rules, and if you don't abide by them, you're a war criminal. What follows is a light smattering of things that were considered and nearly put in the treaty.

1. Over-using the term "going forward" when discussing plans. Like, when you say “Going forward, we’re going to continue throwing fish.” Because if you were to only say, “We’re going to continue throwing fish,” people would suddenly be like, “What? We need to get in a time machine and continue throwing fish in the past?” No! The “going forward” is already implied in every single sentence ever! It’s the only direction we have!

2. Using the term "brain fart" whilst over the age of 22, or under the age of 32.

3. Whilst sitting in a seat in front of other people (like at some sort of theater or in a meeting or what-have-you) you stick your finger in your ear and proceed to be noticeably fascinated by whatever it is that is now on your finger.

4. Discussing the personality traits of zodiac signs with any hint of earnestness.

5. Any form of toe grooming on any form of public transportation.

6. When writing song lyrics, you rhyme a word with the exact same word, a la "We're here for a good time / Not a long time / So have a good time..." Yikes! Or "Tonight's going to be a good night / Tonight's going to be a good, good night." Wait, is tonight going to be a good night? No, it's going to be a GOOD good night! Is that good? Is that like double the amount of good? Or do the good's cancel each other out like in a double negative and tonight's just going to be a night? Nothing about this is making sense.

7. Not knowing when to stop writing entries in your internet listicle.