14 common mistakes successful people never make when counting

Number 17 is too hilarious!

We've all been there, we're publicly counting to a predetermined number (e.g. 10, or 11, or 3, or 10), and BAM! we make a mistake. Successful people laugh at us because they learned at their success school how not make the mistake we made while counting. ACK! That makes us feel bad because successful people are monsters, but they're monsters that we admire and make us feel bad. Mandatory preamble aside, here is the list:

1. Omitting the number two.

3. Spelling "four" as "for" in your head when you say "4" out loud (successful people know how you spell words you say out loud—successful people are crafty like that, hence their successfulness).

10. Purposefully skipping over multiple numbers because the joke died a long time ago.

9. Seriously, the joke is long over. This whole list was a mistake.